LabelVision Classic: Pricing

LabelVision Classic U.S. Pricing*
LabelVision Classic (also known as IncrediBar) is only recommended for customers who already have existing LabelVision Classic applications. For new labeling applications you should only consider LabelVision 20/20. For a detailed comparison of the Professional and Standard packages, see LabelVision Professional vs. Standard.

LabelVision Classic - Basic N/A
An inexpensive label design and printing solution, which includes the fully featured Label Designer and Print Module. The right solution if you need to design and print labels that use constant information, or take data only from operator input.


LabelVision Classic - Standard N/A
A mid-range label design and printing solution, which also includes an internal database and a limited version of the Application Editor. In addition to all the features of the Basic, the Standard lets you create databases and label printing applications, which can, for example, print several different labels at once. The right solution if you will be printing labels with a single-level lookup of records in ASCII or dBase files based on operator-input data. Applications created with LabelVision Standard can be run with LabelVision Print.


LabelVision Classic - Professional N/A
LabelVision Professional provides a set of tools for creating powerful, custom applications. In addition to all the features of the Standard, it includes the fully featured Application Editor, a Menu Editor and a database Report Editor. The Application Editor creates custom label printing applications for almost any situation and allows unlimited database and text file cross-referencing and point-and-shoot record selection. The Menu Editor lets you define your own menus. The report Editor lets you create custom tabular reports on your database tables. Applications created with LabelVision Professional can be run with LabelVision Print. The right solution to create full-featured printing applications.


LabelVision Classic - Print N/A
LabelVision Print can execute applications created with LabelVision Professional or LabelVision Standard. Runs on virtually any IBM-PC compatible -- does not require Windows, a mouse, or a graphics card. The right solution if you need additional print stations for your applications.


LabelVision Classic - Evaluation N/A
Although you can download LabelVision Classic Evaluation for free, purchasing an evaluation entitles you to our 300+ page User's Guide. The purchase price of LabelVision Evaluation may be applied towards the purchase of LabelVision Basic, Standard or Professional. LabelVision Evaluation is functionally equivalent to LabelVision Professional,  with a few limitations designed to prevent you from using it in a production environment. 

Upgrades from LabelVision Standard to LabelVision Professional or LabelVision Basic to LabelVision Professional are available for the difference in price, plus $50.00. Upgrades from LabelVision Basic to LabelVision Standard are available for the difference in price, plus $25.00.

*International pricing is 20% higher.

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