LabelVision 20/20: Features: ActiveX Automation

ActiveX Automation

ActiveX Automation (formerly called OLE Automation) is a technology developed by Microsoft that lets programs control each other. The controlling program is called the client, and the program being controlled is called the server.

LabelVision works as both an automation client and server, providing unparalleled integration with other programs.

To understand the power of automation, suppose you want to print a label from your Visual Basic program. Simply put these two lines of code in your Visual Basic program:

Set MyLabel = GetObject("C:\Labels\MyLabel.lbx")

It's that simple. Likewise, LabelVision can control other programs from within VBScript macros. You can even assign Macros to be triggered automatically when the label is opened or printed using label Events.

ActiveX Automation is only available as part of the Integration Edition.

ActiveX Automation is compatible with a broad variety of languages, including the .NET runtime.

Note: external ActiveX Automation is not compatible with multi-user licensing. External ActiveX Automation means that another program (the automation client) launches LabelVision (the automation server) using the ActiveX Automation interface.


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