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Developers and System Integrators

This page targets two audiences: software manufacturers, who need to provide bar code label printing as an integral part of their solution, and system integrators, who need to integrate bar code label design and printing into other systems.

Integrate label printing from your system with LabelVision running in the background
Use ActiveX Automation to launch the LabelVision print engine programmatically from your Windows-based software, pass data to it, and have it print your labels.

Have LabelVision monitor your database and print when data changes
LabelVision can monitor your database (including ODBC) for new records, or for changes in existing records, using its Record Watch feature. Printing will start as soon as records are added or modified.

Integrate label printing with a legacy system
You can have a legacy system generate a text file with data, and have LabelVision check periodically for the appearance of this file using its Record Watch feature. Printing will start as soon as the text file appears. LabelVision will typically delete the text file after it is processed, waiting for its next appearance.
If you need the printing to be performed by the legacy system, LabelVision can print escape sequences to a file, then upload it to the legacy system for a search-and-replace operation.

Allow users to generate bar code labels using the WYSIWYG LabelVision Designer
Users will be able to generate their own labels with our Microsoft Office look-and-feel Designer. These labels can then be seamlessly integrated into your system and printed from it.
No more writing escape sequences, having to print labels to see what they look like, or having to design labels for your users. Click here for more information.

Build a custom front-end for your labeling applications
Use LabelVision Menus to allow users to easily navigate between different tasks such as printing labels and maintaining databases. When a task is completed, users are taken back to the menu that originated that task.

Powerful data sources with a Built-in Microsoft Access-compatible database
If your application uses a Microsoft Access database (mdb, but not accdb file format), LabelVision is ideal as it does not use ODBC to open MS Access databases. This translates to higher reliability and faster printing.

LabelVision can even combine data from any number and type of data sources. Need to build a custom part of your application in an MS Access database, yet cross reference its information with Oracle, any other ODBC database, or a text file? No problem. You no longer need to extract data from databases preparing it for printing. Let LabelVision do all the work for you using its advanced Filters and point-and-shoot features. To learn more about LabelVision's database, click here.

Let us keep up with printers and printing
Let the LabelVision powerful print engine do the printing for you. Let our Print Manager run multiple printers simultaneously, take care of job queuing, and route print jobs dynamically to the appropriate printer based on variable data . Also, let us keep up with writing new drivers as new printers come to market.

Many other features
LabelVision 20/20 is a feature-rich package. You may not need all of its feature today, but LabelVision leaves a lot of room for future growth. To see more of its features, click here.

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