LabelVision 20/20: Features: Projects

Organize, Validate, and Deploy with Projects

Experienced label designers quickly discover that switching back and forth between labeling applications can be time consuming. Likewise, deploying labels and other files in a multi-user production environment can be painful. Projects, a feature included in the LabelVision Integration edition, eliminates this problem.

Now you can organize your labels, databases, menus, application-specific settings and other files into a single Project file. Switching back and forth between applications is as easy as opening another Project file – your workspace and settings are remembered and restored.

Projects also make it a breeze to copy files to another computer. Just click on Deploy, and LabelVision will deploy your Project to another computer or a Zip file. You can also validate to make sure all necessary files are found, before and after deployment.

Projects make designing and printing easier by displaying all files that are part of the Project together in a single window; to open any file, simply double-click it.

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