LabelVision 20/20: Features: User Interface

A familiar user interface
LabelVision is designed to work like the applications you already know. Built on the standards set by Microsoft Office applications like Word and Access, LabelVision lets you use the knowledge you already have. Open multiple labels at the same time, drag and drop objects between labels — it's all there.

Built-in word processor
Would you use a word processor that wouldn't let you mix bold, italic or different fonts in the same paragraph? Of course not! But most bar code labeling packages limit you to a single font in a text object.

With LabelVision 20/20, you can have any combination of fonts in a single text object, just like a word processor. On-screen text editing and extensive paragraph, font and alignment settings make it easier than ever to control the formatting of text on your label. You can even let LabelVision automatically choose the font size to fit within a given space at print time.

LabelVision supports all the fonts built into your printer, as well as TrueType fonts.

user interface
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