LabelVision 20/20: Technical Notes

Resetting Licenses with LabelVision Multi–User

Occasionally, you may find that a multi-user LabelVision installation does not grant as many licenses as it is should. This can happen if you experience network packet loss, or if a LabelVision client was not quit properly.

You can see what licenses are used by using the LabelVision License Viewer from any client PC. To do so, press the Start button on the bottom left of your screen, then select Programs, LabelVision, License Viewer. If you see licenses reported as used by users who are not currently using LabelVision, you should reset LabelVision licenses by following these instructions:

  1. Have all users quit LabelVision.
  2. Locate the LabelVision server folder. This is the folder where you installed step #1 of the two–step LabelVision multi–user installation; it contains the Setup.exe file used to install new LabelVision clients.
  3. Delete the files Client.dat and Ticket.dat in the LabelVision server folder.
  4. Have users start using LabelVision, and verify using the License Viewer (as described above) that all licenses are now available.

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