LabelVision 20/20: Features: Serial Numbers

Serial numbers

LabelVision's auto incrementing fields let you create text or bar code objects that automatically change from one label to the next. This powerful feature can be used for everything from product serial numbers (where the number never repeats itself) to page numbers like "1 of 3", "2 of 3," etc.

Here again, we've got you covered. Your serial numbers can be numeric (0-9), alphabetic (A-Z), alphanumeric (0-9,A-Z) or hexadecimal (0-9,A-F). If that's not enough, you can define your own! For example, suppose you want to print alphabetic serial numbers, but you want to exclude vowels so that no words are formed. Just use a sequence of B-D,F-H,J-N,P-T,V-Z. It's that easy.

Auto incrementing fields can even be stored in the records of a database, allowing each part number in your system to have a different range of serial numbers.

LabelVision takes full advantage of the built-in serialization capability of industrial printers to ensure that your labels print as fast as possible.


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