LabelVision 20/20: Features: Design Tools

Powerful tools make label creation a breeze

With LabelVision, you have a wealth of powerful tools at your disposal. Grids and Guides help you position objects accurately.

LabelVision has many features typically found only in high-end drawing programs. For example, you can group objects together so that they are moved, resized and edited as a single object. Want to change the font for all the text on your label from Arial to Times New Roman? No problem - just choose Select All from the Edit menu, then change the font. Not only can you select, move and resize multiple objects at the same time; any changes that can be made to a single object can be made to a group.

You can also password protect individual labels, or the LabelVision 20/20 Designer as a whole. You can even have separate passwords for label design and printing.

LabelVision 20/20 displays alerts to warn you about potential problems with your label. These small icons appear in the upper right corner of an object in the Designer. Holding the mouse over the icon shows a pop-up window that describes problems with that object. LabelVision 20/20 even shows alerts if you use features that would slow down the printing of the label.

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