LabelVision 20/20: Features: Database

A database with room to grow

LabelVision includes a powerful built-in database. Based on the Microsoft Jet database engine, LabelVision databases are compatible with Microsoft Access mdb (but not accdb) file format. In fact, you can open an Access database with LabelVision, and vice-versa. Moreover, LabelVision does not use Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to open MS Access databases – they are read and written directly by the Jet database engine. This translates to higher reliability and faster printing from Access.

If you have data in another database, don't worry. LabelVision supports Microsoft's ODBC standard, used to read and write databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and others.

No matter where your data comes from, LabelVision makes printing with it a breeze. With its data preview mode, you can see your data exactly as it will print — no more guesswork and wasted labels. You can even navigate between records of your database, and watch the data change on-screen, just like a mail merge in Microsoft Word. It's that easy!

Often, you'll just want to print one or two records from the database. Use LabelVision's data filters to accomplish the task. You can define a filter to prompt you for a field; when you print, just type the key field (like a part number), and that record will print. You can even define a point-and-shoot filter, and LabelVision will display a list of records and let you select the ones you want to print.

You can easily define cross references or lookups between multiple database tables, and you can also use Structured Query Language (SQL) to define a data filter.

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