LabelVision Classic: Technical Notes

Reverse Print on the Sato Printer
Unlike other printers (such as the Zebra and Fargo series), the Sato printer does not have a global option which allows the use of black rectangles to reverse text. Therefore, printing reverse text on the Sato is more difficult.

Basically, you will have to determine the coordinates of the text item(s) you want reversed, then put a line in DEFAULT.INI which causes a reverse print of that area. If you will be printing more than one type of label, you should create a different .INI file for each label. Then, use the /I command line option of LPRINT to select the appropriate .INI file. See "Command Line Options" at the end of the "Print Module" chapter in your LabelVision User's Manual for more information about the /I option.

To reverse print a text object, follow these instructions:

  1. Design your label in the Left-to-Right orientation.
  2. Choose the Options | Ruler command, and select Printer Dots.
  3. Go into the Edit Layout screen, and write down the Left and Top margin values.
  4. Choose the View | Status Window command to display the status window
  5. Click on the text object to be reversed. Write down the FromX, FromY and SizeX, and SizeY values in the Status Window.
  6. Start a DOS session, and go to your LabelVision installation directory.
  8. Add the following line at the beginning of the file:

    The symbol arrow is an escape character. You produce this character by pressing ctrl+p, followed by the Esc key. The lowercase letters in this line must be replaced with numbers, calculated as follows:

    x = FromX + LeftMargin
    y = FromY + TopMargin
    w = SizeX
    h = SizeY

    For example, if you recorded: Top = 18, Left = 466, FromX = 66, FromY = 245, SizeX = 737, SizeY = 100, then you would add the following line to DEFAULT.INI

  9. Save the file and test print the label. Any number of items can be appended (hence reversed) to the end of the string, as shown below (the … stands for as many arrowHxarrowVyarrow(w,h as are necessary).


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