LabelVision Classic: Technical Notes

LabelVision Classic Technical Notes
The following technical notes describe solutions for common LabelVision support issues.

Options in the LDESIGN.INI file
Using the FILEWAIT utility for automated printing
Using a cutter on Zebra printers
Using Version 2.3 or later for UCC/EAN 128 Applications
Using the Logging Utility (LOG.EXE)
Using the MOD Utilities
Using the SentinelPro in OS/2 Version 2.1
Fargo and DATAMAX Backfeed, Cutter and Form Edge Settings
Setting the parallel port on IBM PS/2 computers
Reverse Print on the Sato Printer
Connecting Multiple Printers
Installing LabelVision Under Windows 95
Serial Port Conflicts Under Windows 95
Using the /X NOSWAP Option When Calling DOS Programs
Reverse Printing on Zebra Printers
Conflict Between HP 5L Printers and the Sentinel
Understanding Graphic Sizing
Using LCALC for Calculations
Optimizing Print Speed
Disabling TrueType Font Compression for Zebra printers
Upgrading Auto Incrementing Value Files from Version 2.0 or Earlier
Installing the LabelVision Print Program under Windows NT
Network Printing

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