LabelVision Classic: Technical Notes

Serial Port Conflicts Under Windows 95
If you run the LabelVision Print Program (or another communication package) in a DOS session under Windows 95, you may find that you cannot print from the LabelVision Designer until you exit the DOS session. When a DOS session or a Windows program accesses the communications port, Windows 95 (by default) prevents any other applications from using the port until the original application terminates.

You can remedy this problem by following these steps:

  1. Start Notepad, and open SYSTEM.INI from the Windows 95 directory.
  2. Find the [386enh] section. Add a line to the end of that section that reads "com1autoassign=2" (for Com1) or "com2autoassign=2" (for Com2). Note that there is only one m in "com."
  3. Save the file and restart Windows 95.

You should know that if you are using a fax modem to auto-answer faxes, Microsoft recommends against setting this option for the fax modem communications port.

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