LabelVision Classic: Technical Notes

Conflict Between HP 5L Printers and the Sentinel
The Windows software drivers that come with the Hewlett Packard HP 5L (and possibly later) laser printers include support for bi-directional parallel ports that can cause a conflict with the LabelVision Sentinel in Version 2.2 or prior. The symptoms are that LabelVision fails to recognize the Sentinel, even though it is attached to the parallel port.

To fix this problem, you can either upgrade LabelVision, attach the Sentinel to a different parallel port, or follow the directions below to install the alternate HP 5L drivers.

Installing Sentinel-Compatible HP 5L Drivers
  1. Start the Notepad accessory from the Accessories group of the Program Manager.
  2. From the Windows installation directory open the file WIN.INI.
  3. Locate the line that begins with "Load=" in the [Windows] section.
  4. The "Load=" line will contain the file WPWHRC.EXE, which is the HP 5L driver. Remove WPWHRC.EXE from the "Load=" line, leaving all other programs on that line intact. If WPWHRC.EXE is the only command on the line, you should still leave the "Load=" at the start of the line.
  5. Choose Save from the File menu of Notepad, then exit Notepad.
  6. Insert the HP 5L software installation disk #1 (which came with your HP printer) into drive A:.
  7. Choose the Run command from the File menu of the program manager, and type A:SETUP, then press OK.
  8. Click on the CUSTOM button and select the HP PCL DRIVERS option.
  9. Continue with the driver installation.. As a last step, the installation program will restart Windows. Your Sentinel should now work correctly.
  10. After the installation is complete, the "WPWHRC.EXE" you removed from the "Load=" command in WIN.INI will be replaced with "HPLJSW.EXE".

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